January 2016


Nikon D600 Sample Images

These are the same Nikon D600 image samples as the ones presented on Nikon.com. I am providing these images here, because most Nikon websites have been either down or too busy serving millions of requests….


Canon 6D Sample Videos

This is a little video I put together with the footage I took on my new Canon 6D with the kit lens, on my holiday in the Isle of Skye. All footage is taken with…


Canon 6D Sample Images

Although the Canon 6D has now been out for almost two years, I never had a chance to review it. Since the new Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Art series lens was initially available only for the…


Canon 7D Mark II Sample Images

When Canon announced the 7D Mark II in September of 2014, I got quite intrigued by the camera and really wanted to try it out. Like many others, I have been getting pretty tired of…


Canon 5DS and 5DS R Image Samples

Buy Canon EOS 5DS Digital SLR from Amazon.com Buy Canon EOS 5DS R Digital SLR from Amazon.com If you are wondering about how images look from the newly announced Canon 5DS and 5DS R DSLR…